Saudi Diabetes & Endocrine Association (SDEA) issued Guidelines for Diabetic Patients to follow during Eid days

Sun Jul 28, 2013 4:20 pm

Saudi Diabetes & Endocrine Association (SDEA) issued Guidelines

Saudi Diabetes & Endocrine Association (SDEA) issued Guidelines
for Diabetic Patients to follow during Eid days.

The SDEA President, Sheikh Abdulaziz Ali AlTurki, extended his congratulation to diabetic patients and their families on the occasion of Eid, and reminded them on the importance of compliance with medical, nutritional, and safety guidelines in order to have safe & healthy Eid, without health problems.
In light of this, the Education Committee of the SDEA advised the patients to consult their medical team on their treatment plans after Ramadan in regards to their diet, exercise and medications, and stressed on the following;
• Importance to comply with traffic safety rules in order to avoid motor vehicles accidents. Diabetic patients should follow safe driving rules and maintain their blood sugar within normal range.
• Importance to comply with food safety rules during Eid days to avoid food poisoning, and stressed on health &safety on food prevention and not to keep food at room temperature for more than 2 hours.
• Importance to maintain healthy & safety environment and not to waste a lot of food and not to dispose garbage in beaches or public places or gardens.
• Importance to comply with safety rules for children at recreation places and avoid fire games and dangerous plays.
• Importance to comply with the nutritional guidelines and consume healthy low fat foods that are rich in fiber and heart fried and low in fat and salt. Diabetic patients should :
? Avoid consuming a lot of carbohydrate (such as rice, sweets and dates)
? It is better to limit dates to 3 pieces and to replace sweets with fresh fruits
? Avoid fried & greasy food
? Consume low fat / no fat dairy products
? Consume lean meat, skin less poultry and baked/grilled fish
• Meals should be divided into 6 small meals than 3 large meals.
• Importance of avoiding smoking (passive or active or shisha settings).

Thank you
Diabetes Education Committee (SDEA)

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