Importance of Reducing Disabilities’ Risk Factors for Diabetic People

Sun Jul 28, 2013 10:36 pm

Importance of Reducing Disabilities’ Risk Factors for Diabetic People

On the occasion of the “World Day for Disabled People”, December 5th, the Scientific Committee of the Saudi Diabetes and Endocrine Association (SDEA), calls to avoid and reduce all the risk factors of disabilities for diabetic people, as stated by Dr. Ahmed Al Sunny, Chairperson of the Committee and Dean of the Students’ Affair, Dammam University.
Disabilities’ causes among diabetic people are due to the marked increase or decrease in the blood sugar level in addition to the presence of other risk factors, including high blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking (active or passive) and the increase in blood clotting factors. Diabetic people are exposed to stroke due to all these reasons, and if not treated immediately, this may lead to physical and mental disabilities that might be temporary or permanent, affecting the patients’ bodies partially or totally, such as paralysis. Therefore, diabetic people are advised to recognize the symptoms and signs of stroke, including inability to swallow, numbness of the face or arm or shoulder, in addition to falls or loss of vision or inability to talk clearly.
Upon noticing these symptoms by diabetic patient, he or she should be taken to the hospital immediately for assessing the risk factors that may lead to partial or total disability.
Another reason for disabilities among diabetic people is foot amputation that is caused due to elevation in blood sugar, damage in nerves, infected wounds, gangrene and poor foot care. Therefore, it is important that diabetic people take care about their feet, control their blood sugar, blood pressure and lipids, in addition to avoiding smoking (active or passive) and consulting the medical team upon foot injury or change in feet’s color or loss of feeling in feet.
Another cause for disabilities is the fall of diabetic people due to imbalance that is caused by high or low levels of blood sugar in addition to poor vision and lack of focus. Therefore, it is important to assess the fall risk factors among diabetic people and taking all the necessary measures that include proper foot care, visiting eye clinic, keeping the blood sugar within normal ranges.
Another reason for disabilities is the exposure of diabetic people to accidents, including traffic or work accidents that are due to the increase or decrease in the blood sugar levels that impact the nervous system and vision.
. As diabetic people are at high risks for disabilities than non-diabetics, the Saudi Diabetes and Endocrine Association ask all patients to invest in their health and reduce their chances for accidents and disabilities, and ask all health facilities to assess the patients’ risk factors for stroke, heart attacks and falls in order to avoid or eliminate these risk factors.
The Diabetes Education Committee stated that the investment of diabetic people in their health and eliminating disabilities’ risk factors can be accomplished by the following preventive measures:
? Maintaining blood sugar levels within normal ranges.
? Maintaining blood pressure and lipid levels within normal ranges.
? Maintaining the body weight within the recommended level and avoidance of obesity.
? Practicing exercise regularly.
? Caring of feet and visiting the doctors to examine their feet in addition to visiting eye clinics in order to ensure no visual defects.
? Avoidance of smoking (active or passive).
? Avoidance of alcoholic drinks.
? Taking all the medications as advised by doctors.
? Complying with the general safety rules including traffic safety.
? Consuming well-balanced meals that are in low fat, low salt and rich in fiber and antioxidants.
? Investing in bones’ health by consuming meals rich in Vitamin D and Calcium

The Diabetes Education Committee at the SDEA wishes the diabetic people good and safe health.

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