The Saudi Diabetes & Endocrine Association Calls for Healthy Summer Holiday
Saudi Diabetes & Endocrine Association (SDEA) congratulates diabetic patients in the Kingdom for the new year & reminds them with the Health Guidelines
General Guidelines for Diabetic People who intend to Perform Hajj Pilgrimage
“Diabetes & Kidney Failure”
Nutritional Guidelines for Healthy Eating During Ramadan
SDEA calls for Early Detection Kidney Failure
Foot Care
Diabetes Emergencies
Healthy Cooking Tips
water for life
Weight Management Prog – Reg form ver 2
Skipping Meals is Poor Option for Health
Slim your Meals for Better Health
Slim Bite Program
Healthy Eating Plan for Diabetes
Eat Healthy during Parties
Dining out the Healthy way
Diabetes Management for a Healthy and Safe Hajj
Nutritional Guidelines for Diabetics
Roadmap for Health Investment
 Nutrition Guide for Patients with Kidney Failure (Pre-Dialysis)
Safe Kitchen
Safe Food
Our Health, Our Life–Coloring Book Presentation
Facts on Hidden Sugar
Facts on Trans Fat1
Healthy Shopping and Healthy Cooking
ShopWell for Fighting Cancer
Tips for Weight Management Program
Children Health and Wellbeing
Healthy Eating Plan for Diabetes
Diabetes Management for a Healthy and Safe Hajj
Topics Matter to your
Building Nutrients
Diabetes Personal Risk Assessment
Annual Diabetes Care Award Program
Bring Diabetes to Light
Nutrition Plan for High Blood Pressure
nutrition plan for smokers
Importance of Reducing Disabilities’ Risk Factors for Diabetic People
Think Green and Go Green
brain nutrition
Know Where Cholesterol is found
tips to reduce breast cancer tips

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